Joel Lickliter – @homecookinhunter

Host / Producer

Lonnie Morgan – @lonnie_morgan_bwtv

Co-Host / Videographer

Hunter Morgan – @hunter_morgan_bwtv


About Breaking Wild:

Breaking Wild is a web-series that breaks down all aspects of hunting in order to better ourselves as well as our fellow hunters. You’ll see great tips and tricks on hunting, shooting, and camera operation. In this series we not only show you great hunts, but you will also see how to process, package and cook your wild game you harvest throughout the year. Here on Breaking Wild, we hope to teach you something new one video at a time!

– Joel –




Joel is a hunter and home cook from East Tennessee who prides himself in the “eat what you kill” motto. Joel has been hunting whitetails for 20+ years as well as turkey, duck and coyote in the past 5 years. Joel loves processing everything he kills and knows exactly where his food comes from. He is constantly in the kitchen creating new delicious recipes that are packed full of flavor and easy to make! Joel started his adventure as the Home Cookin’ Hunter and has created a loyal following of people eager to cook the wild game they harvest. Joel also films and edits all of his own hunts as well as all of his cooking episodes filmed by his wife, Stacy.

– Lonnie –

Lonnie was born and raised in Central Kentucky. He grew up hunting small game such as rabbit and dove and has since been labeled one of Kentucky’s finest predator hunters. Lonnie has also broadened his life in the outdoors by studying videography and photography. Lonnie films every hunt he does now and he loves spending time teaching his son and wife all about hunting and filming. Lonnie has over 35yrs experience in hunting and over 10yrs filming and editing for many different clients. Archery is Lonnie’s favorite way of hunting and shows a passion for the bow and arrow like no other. 

– Hunter –