I’ve never had any luck using scent lures in the past…..NEVER! Honestly I had given up on them all together. Until I started seeing post after post of big bucks being harvested by people using these scent lures from a company I had never heard of. Rack-Getter-Scent and Lures! I called the guys and asked them some questions. They explained to me that all their bottles are fresh and filled by hand straight from the glands. They also explained how to use their scents together to make the perfect lure. After a few more questions I went ahead and ordered the Rack pack which is all 4 of their scents. Upon receiving my package I popped the top on the Hot to Trot Scent and WOW! That $#&@ STINKS! But hey that’s what you want and should expect. I took it to the woods following the provided instructions to a “T”! You won’t believe what happened! Check out the video to see the whole story. Needless to say Rack-Getter-Scent & Lures gets an A+ in my book. You can check them out at www.rack-getterscents.com